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    Katrianne (Freitag, 28 Juli 2017 10:20)

    It was a rare opportunity to live in such a special place as Obere Hofstatt 23 in the Brugg old town. The house has kept its old charm, even though it has all the modern comforts. The community is also very nice: the WG members are responsible, adult people who respect your privacy, but at the same time there is always someone to chat with.

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    Piotr D (Mittwoch, 19 Juli 2017 20:16)

    I was living in the WG on Obere Hofstatt 23 while I was doing my Master Thesis Internship at PSI in 2017. This 6 months that I spent there were a really great time! Not only the house and the room were very comfortable but the amazing people that I had the pleasure to live with made my stay in Switzerland very special! ;) Hope to visit these guys soon!! ;)